Tuesday, July 29, 2014

A Horse is a Horse of course of course

Many times we've been asked, and I never quite know what to say.  Sometimes I can't think of an answer, but, today, I have one.

This summer, Nolan was given a scholarship to participate in Horse Therapy with Horses in Education.  I wasn't totally sure what to expect as I'd never heard of Horse Therapy. It was recommended to us by Nolan's special ed teacher (who will have a special jewel in her crown someday), and a friend whose son participates as well.  But, after watching Nolan on his horse, it has become very clear, God created horses for people with special needs.  The movement is soothing, it gives him confidence, it makes him still and focused (for those that know Nolan, this is AMAZING:), and it's teaching him not only riding skills, but, also a social and academic skill each week as well.  Nolan could also, at the age of 8 compete in the Special Olympics as his riding skills mature, and he's able to ride unassisted.

Here's our dilemma ...it isn't cheap.  The cost of boarding, feeding, and maintaining horses isn't cheap, therefore, Horses in Education has to adjust their costs to meet the needs of their horses.  We currently have declined any further lessons because of the cost...I'd love to just make it happen, but, the honest truth is, we wouldn't be good stewards of our finances if we paid the $250 a month to continue because we just don't have the money.  No boo hooing here, it just is what it is.  We've never gone without and God has ALWAYS met ALL of our needs.  We are extremely blessed in so many ways.  That being said we are not blessed with the gift of finances.  But, others are blessed with such a gift.

So, we're asking you, if you've asked how you can help us and I've never had a good answer, I have one now.  If the Lord moves you to donate to Nolan's horse fund, would you do so?  Our goal would be to provide Nolie with lessons for August and September...that's $500.  If we receive anything over that, we will continue until there's no money left (he can ride all year round if we so chose)...and we
would consider that a huge blessing.

We are prepared for God to shut this door, and that's ok.  But, before we did, we wanted those who might want to, to have the chance to give.

If God so lays this upon your heart, I can let you know about how to give to Nolan's horse therapy.