Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Just a little update

Many calls and emails have come in regarding Nolan's appointment, and I apologize to those of you whom we haven't corresponded with directly. Brandon and I have neither one have been up for rehashing doctors appointments on the phone, especially with how many questions there still are. So, as we continue this journey with Nolan and the appointments that go along with it, I would suggest that if you are wondering how we are doing or what is going on, check the blog. Not that we don't want to talk, but there are so many praying for us, we'd never be able to talk with all of you after each appointment. Anyway...

Mommy has been on a 5 day stretch of feeling encouraged. I told my dearest friend Lisel this weekend that it's like a roller coaster (cliche analogy, I know)...it's either really high highs, or really low lows. The high days, the house becomes a wreck as we "play" all day long, for days on end, my mind set is, "there is nothing wrong with this little boy," and there is nothing but praise coming from this house. In an instant, something might trigger the lows and I imagine the worst case scenario with Nolan, and well, let's just say a lot of crying happens.

There are so many examples I could share of where we have seen and felt the presence of our Lord. One of them is just how much our love for Nolan has grown. I don't know if I've shared before, but, it took several months to really feel like having Nolan was a good decision. While we loved him instantly, things were so hard early on with him... around the time he was 4 months old, it turned to fear. I find my attitude of fear and worry, transitioning over to just a crazy/abundant/overflowing kind of love and compassion for him. It has even changed the way I interact and mother the girls. I can't get enough of him, his interaction is becoming so wonderful and fun, and he is just so precious.

I can't even begin to tell you, oddly enough, what it's done for our marriage. God has a sense of humor...moving us away from our church family and our family when he did...his timing is perfect as we've learned to come together with the Lords help...the awesome trio:) I've wondered for a while now why God moved us here, aside from Brandon loving his job, it's been a VERY hard move for us. For the last year and half, we've had little to no help. Brandon and I have been dreadfully sick, with no one to help us. He still went to work and I took care of 3 kids while having strep, the flu and viral bronchitis (all at different times). We didn't have anyone to help when we were sleep deprived with a new baby who wanted to be up for 3 straight hours in the middle of the night, coupled with 2 little girls who were ready to play at 7am. I think it's been hard for us because we went from having a date at least every 2 weeks, to, we're lucky to get one every 2 months. We've definitely learned how to manage as a sole family unit. While it's hard it's also something I'm proud we've learned to do. We may not do it well, we manage;)

Anyway, I'm rambling...

My point is, if you haven't caught on, today is a good day. I believe God has his hand on our family, and in a strange way, I am thankful for this time of stretching and growing. Part of me wishes it wasn't happening through one of my children, but His ways are not my ways. Through the brokenness and tears, we've seen MANY blessings already. God is going to use Nolan, you watch!


Wednesday, April 22, 2009

We are home from Riley. Nolan did great considering missing a nap and a feeding. I'll have more to report once I am able to process it all. We need a follow up with the surgeon once we've meet with 2 other specialists...we should know more then. The sutures that they suspected were fused are not fused, but because they aren't, it leads to more questions as to why his head is the shape and size that it is, as well as questions with what is causing his delay. Originally, we didn't want them to be fused, but if they had been fused, all this other stuff would make more sense.

As Brandon told me in the office, "Whatever God's plan and purpose for Nolan is, this waiting and not knowing is just part of it." Thanks to all who have been praying. We've felt your prayers, and we would just ask that you continue.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Bath time!

Nolan loves taking a bath! Brandon was able to get some sweet pictures of him. There has never been a cuter boy!

WARM WEATHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We played outside most of the day today!!!!!!!!!!! Waaaawhooooo!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

This just in

We had this picture taken at our church a few weeks ago. It's the first "family" picture we've had taken since Adelynne was 5 months old...it was about time.
3 things that come to my mind when I look at this...
1. Nolan is so stinkin handsome! Much like his daddy!
2. Aubrey looks so BIG. Where has the time gone? AND...
3. Oh boy, Adelynne's going to be ornery, she just looks so naughty:) ... but sweet and cute at the same time.

Just think babe, 4 1/2 years ago, it was just you and I!!!!!!!!! Craziness...and I love it!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Aubrey ~ 4 1/2 years old

Adelynne ~ 2 years old

Nolan "The Prince" Paschal ~ 9 months old

The ladies

Have I ever mentioned how much I love him?

For those of you who know Brandon well, you know that I totally scored when it came to marrying him. What a guy! I am so thankful for him. It would take me all day to list all the reasons I love and admire him. So, I will just say that his support and encouragment are the 2 I am most thankful for lately.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Decorating Easter Eggs

My mom had given us an Easter egg decorating kit last year... after Easter???? I thought it was bizarre (sorry mom;), so I put it away, but was then so thankful for it this year:) Here's the end result. Thanks grandma!
Not exactly your traditional Easter eggs, but the girls liked them and I thought they were cute.

Happy Easter!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Don't Ask Don't Tell Vol. II

Yes, that is a dandelion in my freezer. I heard Aubrey disgusted this morning that her "flowers" in the vase were dying. Fix? Put them in the freezer.


So...just returned from the doctor and...Adelynne's rash isn't a reaction to antibiotics (she's been on 2 rounds for an ear infection), but rather since she's never been on antibiotics before, the rash is caused by swollen capillaries (caused by lots of antibiotics), showing that her immune system is on overdrive trying to flush out her system. On top of that, the ear infection isn't completely gone, so, we have to do another round of antibiotics & a steroid to help the effects of the rash. Ugh! The doctor said that the rash could last for weeks. The good news is though, it doesn't seem to bother her.
About a month ago, Brandon and I planned on having a date this coming weekend. Reservations? Check! Concert plans? Check! Childcare? Check! So, that must mean...

that someone is sick! Poor little Nolan boy is so full of snot...coughing too. No fever though. Adelynne also has a very strange rash on her legs and arms. I'm taking her to the doctor soon for that. Will mom and dad get their date? We'll keep you posted;)