Sunday, May 30, 2010

When I watch these two together, I really can't describe how I feel. Brandon is truly the best daddy I know, but there is something so perfectly unique with how he interacts with Nolan. Could it be because the whole first year of Nolan's life, we all knew something was wrong and feared it to be something very serious? Possibly. Could it be that last September, we both feared losing him during his cranial reconstruction? Possibly. Could it be that I spent a whole year nursing Nolan, and now he's over that and prefers his daddy over mommy? Sigh. Possibly. I definitely question God giving me a child with special needs, most days I don't feel cut out for it. But, I say with assurance that there's no one better for Nolan Levi than Brandon Levi. Quite frankly, when I share my fears and concerns with Brandon about Nolan, he's quick to remind me that "we can't think like that." He's the one to tell me how awesome Nolan is and how much joy he brings to him. He's full of kisses, admiration, love, compassion and affection...and it's clear Nolan feels the same.


I completely forgot that Aubrey had her prek graduation almost 2 weeks ago. Oops! Here are some highlights.

Cheap entertainment

There is never a dull moment around here. There is never a day where the house is all clean, where the laundry is complete, or a night where I don't go to bed dead dog tired. I don't always apprecaite that, but, tonight I am. I finally downloaded pictures from the camera and came across the last few weeks of our life in pictures. I can't believe how crazy our lives are right now, but when I sit and giggle at these pictures and think about how blessed I am, I'll go to bed tonight weary, but thankful for the fun that's to come tomorrow.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Williams Syndrome Awareness Week

When Brandon and I started our family almost 6 years ago, having a sick child or one with special needs never once entered my mind as a possibility. That was something that happened to other people. But, here were are with our family complete, with 1 of our children being special needs...ugh, I cringe at that term, but, the reality is...that is our reality. I've joined the Williams Syndrome Association on facebook and was alerted to the fact that this week is Williams Syndrome Awareness week. I have no idea who reads this blog (or that anyone even does), but I want to encourage anyone reading this to become familiar with Williams syndrome and other special needs. I feel now more that ever since it affects our family directly, it is so very important to become aware of special needs children and how it affects their loved ones. I would encourage you also to become familiar with WS if you know and love Nolan so that you can pray for the physical issues and surgery possibilities, and most importantly so that you can rejoice in the progress he makes due to his working so hard. WS is not what defines Nolan, but, he is a child with Williams, and how great it would be if all who know and love him were familiar with his condition.

If it would have been my choice, I would have given birth to a Nolan without WS, but, that was not what God had planned or intended for our family. So, on this week of becoming aware of WS, I'm also going to celebrate it, because I don't know what Nolan would be like without it...and quite frankly, I love that kid and couldn't imagine him any other way.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

28 years ago this past Tuesday, May 11th, my best friend, and the greatest man I know was born. Brandon Levi, all 9 lbs and 2 oz of him with red hair, came into the world after an agonizing labor and delivery (sorry Susan:), but thank you). I'm so thankful for this man, I can't really express it verbally. We've been together 10 years this year and each day I am more and more thankful for him. Here are a few reasons why he is the best.

Everday he wakes up and goes to work, willingly, happily to support our family.

He's an attentive daddy who will play outside, cuddle on the couch, play dress up, bathe, and read books.

He's hilarious. We laugh together every day...most nights even, we talk in bed before we fall asleep and many times it ends in laughter.

He makes dinner when he knows I've "had enough."

He's tidy for a man ;) (thanks again Susan:)

Last night, after a long day, and I was blue, he walked up behind me and gave me a hug and held me for a little while.

He prefers his family over "guy time."

He told me last night Aubrey growing up is hard for him and that he'd like to keep her in a bubble.

He lets me grocery shop alone.

I love his bald head and freckles.

I love that after he disciplines one of the kids, he loves on them.

I love that he loves me.

I love that he loves the Lord.

I just plain love him and am so thankful that he was born...May 11th 1982.
Happy Birthday babe!