Thursday, January 21, 2010

What to do? happened...those dreaded 3 words..." I HATE YOU!' I knew someday it would happen. Although it wasn't that long ago that I realized, my kids aren't perfect? Yes, the interrogative sentence, that also came along with a gasp is very important...I never thought one of my offspring would say such a thing. Both of my girls jumped at the same time and bonked heads. My then, not very outspoken redhead shouted, "I hate you!" to her sister. I then, very abruptly took her by the hand and took her to her bedroom and informed her that when I felt as though I could talk to her without losing my head I would be back, but, in the mean'd better not move off that rug. She cried and yelled from the bedroom...because, she, (like no one else I know) doesn't know when to stop and just be quiet. Long story short, after lots of tears and dramatic crying, and dishing out the punishment of going to bed early (I opted for not spanking her as to try and avoid doing it out of anger)...alone, she apologized, prayed and asked God for forgiveness, and asked the forgiveness of her sister.
She cried when I left the room...

It made me sad...

Why is parenting so hard?

Hopefully a lesson learned.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

New view!

Look my eyes are straight!

One week ago Dr. Neely cut into Nolan bugs eyeballs and straightened his eyes. Can you believe that? ...Amazing the gifts God has given people. He's recovering well and we are loving the new look.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

There is something I must confess to all of you, my blog's not really a secret, those of you who know me well are aware, that I am 100%, unequivocally, helplessly, unapologetically, thankfully, so in love with a man named Brandon Paschal. This guy, quite honestly, since the very first time I "spoke" with him on instant messenger 9 years ago, had my heart. After just a few dates with him, I knew I loved him. He was 18 (oh my) and I was young...honestly, sometimes now, it seems crazy to me. It wasn't too long into dating that I knew then that I wanted what I have now, and that's a happy marriage and a family with him. We've been through a few trails of our own in our 7 years of marriage, and I am thankful that only by the Lords grace and mercy, and his perfect plan, those trails have only strengthened our marriage.

The weekend before Christmas, all 3 kiddos headed back to the Lafayette area for a weekend with grandparents. One night with one set of grandparents and another night with the other set and Aunt Sarah. We had, holy cow, and entire 48 hours to ourselves!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We Christmas shopped, grocery shopped, saw a movie, got new cell phones for free, did a few things around the house....we even ate at the Cheesecake Factory. We've had a gift card for there for 2 years!!!...and we finally got a chance to use it. Brandon also surprised me with a carriage ride downtown Indy. I've never done that before and it was so neat.
Here we are about to start the ride.
A shot of the Circle.
7 years ago on December 21st, I scored. I remember that day as unseasonably warm for December and being so thankful for the sunshine. I don't remember a whole lot about the day, as it was such a whirlwind, but one thing I do remember is the feeling of peace. A peace of knowing that only God had brought us together, that God had purposed Brandon for me, and I for him from even before we were born. A peace in knowing that God would use us. Who knew that less that 2 years later Aubrey would arrive, and 2 years after that Adelynne would arrive, and then in 9 months we would move, and 6 months after that God would bless us again with Nolan? It's been a great ride with some trying times, but I am so grateful to have been able to experience it all with him. Happy 7th anniversary, Brandon Levi, the love of my life.

No words needed

Friday, January 8, 2010


I have been somewhat MIA in the blog world for a few months now. I'd like to tell you that we've been busy, and that's true, but, it's really because I've had somewhat of a writers block. I've had in my head that I shouldn't blog unless I have something worthwhile or witty to say. But, I've decided that just ain't so. So, I'm going to try and update everyone on our life the last few weeks with pictures.We spent the few days after Thanksgiving decorating the house for Christmas.

We tried to take some "at home" family Christmas pictures.
Aubrey performed in a Christmas program for preschool. She was "that kid."...and "that kid" would be the one who picked their nose in front of everyone. :)
And of course, we celebrated Christmas with family. We've been to 6 thus far, and have one more next weekend.
Aubrey loves her new Tag Reader and books that grandma Ellen and papaw Dave got her.
Grammie Susan and papaw Scott with all the gradkids
All the Paschal kiddos: Aubrey (5), Adelynne (3), Autumn (2), Blake (5), Nolan (18 months)
Nolie bug enjoying the wrapping paper
These are all the Freeland great grand kids: Lilia (6), Ella (11 mo.), Drew (4), Aubrey (5), Nolan (18 mo.), Ty (5), Adelynne (3), Dylan (2)
Nolan enojyed watching the snow fall :)

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Nolan update

Nolan is having surgery on his eyes' muscles Thursday. The surgery will hopefully strengthen the muscles so that he doesn't cross his eyes. The glasses he's been wearing were helping some, but his doctor wasn't happy enough with the progress.

On a more encouraging note, Nolan had struggled with 4 ear infections from October to late November. We were looking into having tubes put in. But, in a last ditch effort, we decided to go back to Nolan's chiropractor to see what he might think. Well, after 2 adjustments, 1 pill of Anthronex (a natural antihistamine) a day, and 2 drops of L-trans (a natural gland drainer) in his milk a day, his ears have been clear for around 3 weeks! Yippee.

While discouraged about this upcoming surgery, let's reminisce...
This is Nolan 1 year ago...expressionless (he hadn't smiled yet at 7 months), limp, weak, not sitting up...not even close really, but sweet...

Today, he's full of expression, hilarious, mimicking, signing, jabbering, naughty (caught him eating toilet paper out of the toilet last night...eeeewwwww:), busy, into everything, ready to walk any day, perfect, perfect for our family, a joy doesn't even scratch the surface...someone we can't live without...ours...

Thanking the Lord for Nolan today.