Thursday, March 6, 2008

Our New House (in progress:)

So many have asked me to email pictures of our new house, and I have been reluctant since that would require me to pick up. :) However, I went ahead and did it this morning, with the help of two cute girls. Thought I would post them here. I will do my best to describe each picture.

This is the eat in dining area. The kitchen is to the right of that.

Ok, so maybe Adelynne wasn't much help:) This is the view from the eat in dining into the kitchen.

This is the view from what will eventually become a sitting area into the kitchen.

This is the soon to be sitting area.

This is the closet in the soon to be sitting area. One end of the closet is a desk area. The other end is just a lot of shelves. Ahhh, organization, I love it!

This is the living room. View is from the front door.

View from hallway

Main bath.

Will be baby boy's room. I use it to dry Brandon's sweaters.

This is the "man" bathroom.

Laundry room. It's full of stuff that needs to go to the garage once it is organized.

Master bedroom

The girls room

So, the blog sight is messing up right now. I will post more pictures of the girls room soon.

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