Tuesday, September 2, 2008

1st day of Preschool

Well, I woke up today and little blue and short of breath as I knew that I was going to take Aubrey to preschool, and leave her there for 2 whole hours! She didn't go until 11:30 am so it's all I heard about this morning. Once I got everyone loaded up to walk her to school, I got tears in my eyes. We live less that a 10 minute walk from her school which is great. We had to wait outside the classroom while the teachers got everything ready. Once the door was open, she was in there sitting on the story rug before I could even call her name. She didn't even look back. I entered the room to take a few pictures and to ask her if I could have a kiss. She obliged but then was right back sitting down staring at the teacher before I could unpucker my lips. I am so thankful that she's independent and ready for fun! But, I then have to ask myself where the last 4 years have gone! The entire walk home, Adelynne whined, "Aubwee." It broke mammas heart! Enjoy the pics!

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