Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I'm the smartest woman alive!

Here's how to get your 4-year-old to stay in her seat at mealtime. Yep, it's duct tape! I, frankly, get tired of asking her to sit down.


Anonymous said...

What do you do when she talks too much?

mpaschal said...

Very funny Mikel! You just wait, your time is fast approaching!

The McClain's said...

HI! I love reading your blog! You do a great job! Keep it up!!! My Audrey is 4 also, and NEVER stays in her chair at meals wither...I just have to tell you that I told her today I was going to get the duck tape and tape her up like my friend did her little four year old! Let me tell you her eyes got big and she sat down and ate her food! With just the threat of it!!! That is good! Anyway, cute story. Your kids are precious! Love,
Brooke :)