Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Well visits

Yesterday I did something that I will probably never do again alone! ... I took all the kids to the pediatrician for Aubrey's 4-year check and Nolan's 4-month check. Aubrey's height and weight still have her in the "tall" category for her age, a fact that I am shocked by. Brandon and I, neither one, are tall...maybe she inherited that from her uncle Mike (my dad's brother) or great papaw John (my mom's dad). She's doing all the things a 4-year-old should be doing. That, for which, I am thankful.

Nolan boy, weighed in at a hefty 14 lbs 15 oz. I can't believe this little boy, who, 4 months ago, weighed 6 lbs 11 oz! He's done a lot of eating these last 4 months. :) He's very strong and healthy. Our pediatrician (who I love) recommended that we have him evaluated by First Steps, as he hasn't smiled or rolled over yet. 2 of her 4 children worked with First Steps for some developmental issues, all of which are now corrected. She says there's no real problem with Nolan, but that he might need a little "jump start" with some developmental things. I also have several friends who have used First Steps and were amazed at the help they were able to give their children. The Dr. wanted me to be reassured that there was no indication that Nolan would have developmental issues continually, but rather he just needed a little "help" with getting started. I so much appreciate her pro activeness and her honest feedback.

Aubrey was able to get the flu vaccine via the mist up the nose. Although, after getting the spray in the second nostril, she was mad. The sweet nurse handed her a tissue, but Aubrey threw it right back at her. Honestly, I think she would have preferred the shot. Adelynne had to get the shot (the mist is only for 2-years-old and older). I sat her on my lap and was singing, "the wheels on the bus go round and round..." About this time the nurse stuck her, and with a scowl on her face she said, "Owe!"...and that was it. Such a trouper. Nolan got 2 vaccines and the oral rodovirus vaccine. No flu shot until he's 6 months old. Listen, our daddy works at a school with lots of sick kids who don't wash their hands... we don't take any chances at our house :)

And just like that, I was pooped. Seriously, who knew 3 kids would be so much work! We stopped by McDonald's for hot fudge sundae's afterwards. For the most part, everyone was happy!
I did not stage this picture. I was cleaning up breakfast when I heard the girls giggling and Nolan cooing. I come out and find him surrounded by Aubrey and Adelynne, they were all crammed on our footstool. He really seemed to like it.
He's so serious!
I know this one is a little blurry, but he loves the exorsaucer.

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Laura said...

Aw, I can't believe how big Nolan! We saw him when he was still so little :) How the time does fly