Saturday, December 20, 2008

A few things about my husband

On the eve of our 6 year anniversary (Holy Cow!), I'm reflecting on how great my husband is. Here are a few things about him that I love.

1. His desire to do right and please the Lord...even when he's struggling.

2. His work ethic. The dude has 3 jobs!!!!!!!!!!!!

3. What a great dad he is. I know that sounds cliche, but really... He's a bather, reader, hugger, kisser, ready to kiss boo boo's, singer, jungle gym and so on. You couldn't have a more "hands on dad." And he doesn't do it because I ask him or because he "has" to, but rather, because he wants to.

4. That he loves me. He once told me that he found the "new" Megan more attractive that the "old" Megan because the "old" Megan hadn't given him his girls (this was before Nolan was born).

5. He's a great friend. If I'm struggling, frustrated, sad, etc, I go to Brandon first. He's my very best friend. He's willing to tell me when I'm wrong (brave man). He's honest with me. He's a listener. He lets me talk:)

6. He's a great husband. I've always felt loved, safe, and taken care of. He has always put me first. He's a provider and a leader. He's an encourager.

7. His sense of humor! He's hilarious! We've never been short of laughter since we've been together.

8. That he'll try anything I cook, even when he's sure he won't like it.

9. That he can admit when he's been wrong.

10. That he eats popcorn almost every night:)

11. The way he hugs me.

12. His smell.

13. His smile.

Although there have been hard times, sad times, & mad times, there have also been many happy times, exciting times, funny's been the best 6 years of my life. Happy anniversary! I love you Brandon!


Janet said...

Holy Cow Megan, you don't look like you've changed one bit in those pictures!! You're so beautiful!!

Happy Anniversary Brandon and Megan!

mpaschal said...

Thanks Janet! You've made my day!