Sunday, December 7, 2008

It's party time!

One thing (there are many) that I find special about Adelynne is when she was born...she's our Christmas baby! How special is that! I think it's so cool that she "almost" has the same birthday as Jesus. I remember being at the end of my pregnancy with her and Sue Whipple told me to remember that Mary was experiencing the same things I was at about the same time many years ago. I thought that was so neat. It's just a precious time of year. I am sure that as she gets older and becomes particular about her birthday, she won't like it because it's so close to know, birthday presents in Christmas paper, and I know everyone has a hard time knowing what to get her because in a few weeks they are supposed to get her Christmas presents too. With all that being said, we intend to have her party early (her birthday is 12/16) every year so that she feels like we separate her birthday from Christmas...just for her.

She loves the book Chicka Chicka Boom Boom, so that was the theme of the party.
Earlier the sweet little birthday girl climbed to the top of our recliner and fell face first onto the hardwood. The result was this busted lip. Poor thing.
Adelynne got a really neat Little People carriage. She loves it! Thanks grandma Ellen and Papaw Dave!

She also enjoyed loving on grandma Susan and papaw Scott. They hate it! ;)

Mommy's always up for a good squeeze too!
We are to thankful for this little girl! Happy 2nd birthday Adelynne!

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Laura said...

your cake is amazing....I didn't know that you baked so much