Monday, December 15, 2008

Preschool Christmas Party

Aubrey's Christmas party at school was last Thursday. Brandon took a half day so that I could go and be with her. I was in charge of the craft. The kids made snowflake Christmas cards. Aubrey thought it was pretty cool that mommy was the "teacher."
The kids also got to decorate Christmas cookies with icing, sprinkles, red hots and chocolate chips. They were able to eat one with hot chocolate and also got to take a cookie home. I will tell you that later I caught Aubrey with her mouth on the end of her icing tube...I think she wanted to make sure no icing got wasted.
The kiddos then had a book enchange. I thought this was such a great idea.
Miss Traci and Miss Joann helped the kids make these cute plates for their parents. I cried! :) I think it's beautiful!

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Not sure who left this comment, but, see the August blog post titled Nolan's appointment.