Monday, February 23, 2009

Ugh, transitions!

Around Christmastime, Brandon and I came to the realization that Adelynne needed to be moved from her crib to a "big girl" bed. She had begun climbing out of her crib and along with that came a new rising time in the morning that used to be 8 am, but then it became about 6:30 am. Yuck! We had delayed this transition for 2 reasons...#1 We knew there would be a pretty significant cost involved because we'd planned on doing bunk beds, #2 Moving Adelynne to a "big girl" bed means, well, that she's a big girl!...a realization that Brandon and I both had been in denial about. This weekend we got to talking about Nolan, and that turned into, "can you believe we've done this "baby thing" 3 times? (Brandon said this.) We then both became a little sad thinking about the fact that both girls were big enough for bunk beds (meaning Aubrey was old enough that we trusted her being on the top bunk & that Adie was old enough to be out of her crib.)
We decided to put Adelynne's head at the opposite end of Aubrey's, where the ladder is, so that the ladder could also block her if she was too close to the edge. It didn't seem to be a problem because when we checked on her later, she had rolled into the wall instead:) {Mom, are you getting a good look at how high the railing is around Aubrey's bunk;)?}
Getting them to bed was rather uneventful, the process took a little longer than usual, but they both did well. No one fell out of bed, and both woke rested.

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Melissa said...

Aubrey looks so excited to be on the top! I know when Clay got his new bunk bed he couldn't wait to go to bed for weeks. A year and a half later, he is still excited about his bed.