Monday, March 9, 2009

Not Just Popcorn

Saturday, we got a little crazy and at the last minute loaded the kids in the car and headed to Edinburgh. Why Edinburg? Well, if you know my husband and Aubrey very well, then you know how much they love popcorn. Brandon eats a bag Every (not exaggerating) night and grandma Susan knows that if she shows up at our house without a bag for Aubrey, she's in very big trouble with the readhead. So, in Edinburgh, there is a popcorn shop called, Not Just Popcorn. Over 250 flavors! Some that sound appetizing...carmel corn, cotton candy, bacon and cheddar, etc, and some that sound not so appetizing...ketchup, dill pickle, beer, etc. Anyway, the girls (and mom and dad too) thought it was pretty neat, and the popcorn was excellent. Aubrey picked out cotton candy, Adie picked out Tutti Fruiti, and mommy and daddy shared cheddar and carmel corn. Here are few pictures.

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