Thursday, May 14, 2009

This little devise that Nolan is using is called a Little Dipper. Since Nolan's gag reflex hasn't totally developed, the occupational therapist who was here a few weeks ago, recommended we get him one of these. The green part is a little mesh bag that you can put fresh fruit and/or vegetables in. He can chew on it and get the juice from the fruit, practice self-feeding, as well as work the gag reflex. Today I put watermelon in it, and WOW!, was this little boy happy. The noises of slurping, chewing and moaning were all ones that let me know that he very well may have a new "favorite" food.:)


slivengo said...

Nolan looks absolutely adorable in these pictures! His eyes are beautiful! :) He looks like such a happy baby :)

Miranda said...

we used this thing as well, rylynn loved it...but I felt as though it was impossible to get clean!