Friday, June 19, 2009

Nolan Levi - He's 1!

Yesterday was Nolan Levi's 1st birthday. Whew, what a year it's been. I won't rehash the year, as most of you can look back at past blog posts to do that. But, what a blessing he is. I know that sounds so cliche, as most parents would tell you their children are blessings. I would tell you that Aubrey and Adelynne are blessings...and they are, but Nolan is different. I, personally, have experienced things this last year that I have never experienced before because of and through Nolan. Pain and sadness I've never felt, but also a joy and abundant love I've never felt.

His sweet smiles, his laugh, the way he kicks his legs when you walk into his room in the morning, and his new "da da da's" are so precious. The way he has taught me about unconditional love when I watch the way his sisters love and serve him is...well, priceless. Because of him I've spent more time in prayer, and, at the same time learning that what we pray for is not always God's plan...tough pill to daily swallow. Through him I've learned to lean on Brandon even more and know for sure that I couldn't make it through this life without partner, my friend, my companion.

Ok, so about Nolan now:)...he's such a happy, content, easy little boy. It hasn't always been that way, but, he's such a peach. He loves his sisters (in small doses), being outside, swinging, walks, bananas, sweet potatoes with turkey, reading, chewing on this toes, sitting, his daddy (since he's so over momma now that he's done nursing:), being cuddled and singing. He's the apple of the family's eye. We love you Nolan boy! Happy birthday bub!


Amber said...

Happy Birthday Nolan!!

Melissa said...

I love the little swim trunks that are almost down to his ankles. I remember Drew and Clay looking that way. such a precious little boy.
Happy Belated Birthday Nolan!