Friday, July 3, 2009


I nursed Nolan for 51 weeks straight! ...that's 357 days and 8568 minutes I've been tied to him. For those of you who know me impressed. I am not the mom who was so set on strictly nursing, but, did it because I had to. He wouldn't take a bottle! So, if it was feeding time, I had to be home, or have Nolan with me at all times. As he got older and ate food too, it became not quite so cumbersome, but when he was a newborn and ate every 2 about wanting to pull your hair out...ahem... Weekends when grandparents would take the girls for the night...we always had Nolan! Our anniversary last December...yep, you guessed it...Nolan came:) On June 8th...Nolan gave up his mamma...willingly...can I get an AMEN! ?

Tomorrow, a friend of Brandon's is getting married in Louisville. We are going....ALONE! How pumped am I to be alone with Brandon? Alone enough that I don't have to rush through my dinner to make sure to get back and nurse a baby before bed! Awesome.
I remember when we went through our premarital counseling. We studied lots of verses on marriage, but may favorite is the illustration in Ephesians 5. Brandon is to love me the way that Christ loved the church, and in turn, I am to submit to him as the church does to Christ. I think our culture puts too much negative emphasis on the "submit" aspect of this illustration, as if Brandon rules over me with an iron fist...that he bosses me around...that he makes decisions without talking with me about it. True, pure submission, creates not only a God honoring marriage, but also unity, safety, joy, peace, happiness, etc. etc...God's smart...He knew what he was doing in creating a model for marriage. Only when we stray from these principles do our marriages fail.
Anyway...I got off on a tangent...sorry:) (Hey!...I've had NO adult interaction today:)

I haven't had much time with JUST Brandon this past year. I am looking forward to focusing on him, my first priority.


Laura said...

Good for you guys! Much deserved! :)

Lindsay and Troy said...

Yay! Enjoy your time together:)

Kit*Grace said...

SO looking forward to that day! I'm not sure I'll be able to hold out as long as you did...WAY TO GO!!!

Wani said...

Enjoy the time alone! I nursed my boys (Nate 15mos and Joe 17mos) a long time too! It really makes you appreciate our hubbies who are supportive and don't mind sharing us w/ our babies for awhile! Isaac and I are getting ready to go away for a long weekend together. It'll be the longest time we've been away from the boys. I'm really excited to have the time alone as a couple. I'm sure you understand! ;-)

Melissa said...

I hope that you have a wonderful time together. It will be great for both of you!

God is good. I was just reading a book last night and the chapter was on submission. Submission is displayed in the trinity and you can't find a more perfect relationship. God is so good to give us marriage and to help us (with his Word) know what to do in it!

Have fun in Louisville!