Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Adie's big day

In an effort to not let Adelynne feel left out of the whole "school thing" that Aubrey gets to do, I enrolled her in a free program at our library called Bookie Boogie Woogie. It's a time for kiddos her age where they sing and dance, have story time and fun stuff like that. It's every Tuesday at 11am. So, I'm able to get Aubrey to school, Nolan home for a short nap and then BBW. She was so excited to tell her dad what she did at her "school"...something just for Adelynne.
Adelynne and a gigantic piece of bread...
Mommy and Adelynne
Makin' music
Story time
Little green shark stamp she got for being good.


Anonymous said...

I think Adie looks like Brandon in that close up of you two! :) (Sarah)

Diane Lower said...

I think she could be her Mommy's twin!!!