Thursday, September 3, 2009

A couple of things...

1. I was able to sleep last night! Yay! Thank you Lord.

2. I successfully gave blood last Wednesday. The experience was traumatic;), but successful none the less. I'm still waiting for my Red Lobster reward;)

3. Many of you have asked if it would be ok to come by the hospital during Nolan's surgery. Our answer is "yes!" We figure the more distractions the better. We'll be there at 6am (9/10) with surgery to begin at 7:30am. The surgery will be on the 2nd floor of the main building of Riley. Brandon and I will be given a small waiting room back in the day surgery area that they tell us is for parents only. There is a receptionist in the day surgery main waiting room, so if you don't see us, ask her. Please don't feel like you have to come, but, we would really appreciate your prayers.

One more thing, please pray for little Aubrey. She's having a hard time with us telling her Nolan, Brandon and I are leaving. She's become very clingy and crying when she thinks about it. I pray with her when she gets upset, and love on her, but, man, she knows something is up. Just pray that the Lord would ease her fears.

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Wani said...

I pray that everything goes smoothly with the surgery and that you and Brandon have the peace of God surround you during the whole thing. I hope to see you at Riley on Friday.