Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Aubrey's 5th birthday

That's right, our fiery little red head is now 5 years old. I still just can't believe it. On the 7th, she proudly declared, "Mom, I'm five now!"

Things about Aubrey that make her special...

Her witt, I mean, honestly, this kid is hilarious!

Her energy, I get tired just watching her:)

Her spunk, one might say I've given birth to my punishment.

Her compassion (mixed with a sassy mouth sometimes)

Her creativity, she's always making or creating something.

Her love for her dad. She worries about him when he mows in the dark:)

Her excitement in learning a new Bible verse a week. She loves going to church and Awana each week.

There are so many more.

Here are some pictures from her birthday party.
Pay close attention to the outfit she picked out :)
Aubrey and her princess castle cake.
Mommy and the birthday girl

Daddy and the princess

Happy birthday Aubrey Lynne, we love you!

1 comment:

Laura said...

what a cool cake! How did you make the towers? (obviously, I know some of it is a cone) But how did you make the pink part? Not that I'll be making this kind of a cake for a while...need to add some girls to our house sometime!