Friday, January 8, 2010


I have been somewhat MIA in the blog world for a few months now. I'd like to tell you that we've been busy, and that's true, but, it's really because I've had somewhat of a writers block. I've had in my head that I shouldn't blog unless I have something worthwhile or witty to say. But, I've decided that just ain't so. So, I'm going to try and update everyone on our life the last few weeks with pictures.We spent the few days after Thanksgiving decorating the house for Christmas.

We tried to take some "at home" family Christmas pictures.
Aubrey performed in a Christmas program for preschool. She was "that kid."...and "that kid" would be the one who picked their nose in front of everyone. :)
And of course, we celebrated Christmas with family. We've been to 6 thus far, and have one more next weekend.
Aubrey loves her new Tag Reader and books that grandma Ellen and papaw Dave got her.
Grammie Susan and papaw Scott with all the gradkids
All the Paschal kiddos: Aubrey (5), Adelynne (3), Autumn (2), Blake (5), Nolan (18 months)
Nolie bug enjoying the wrapping paper
These are all the Freeland great grand kids: Lilia (6), Ella (11 mo.), Drew (4), Aubrey (5), Nolan (18 mo.), Ty (5), Adelynne (3), Dylan (2)
Nolan enojyed watching the snow fall :)

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