Sunday, May 30, 2010

When I watch these two together, I really can't describe how I feel. Brandon is truly the best daddy I know, but there is something so perfectly unique with how he interacts with Nolan. Could it be because the whole first year of Nolan's life, we all knew something was wrong and feared it to be something very serious? Possibly. Could it be that last September, we both feared losing him during his cranial reconstruction? Possibly. Could it be that I spent a whole year nursing Nolan, and now he's over that and prefers his daddy over mommy? Sigh. Possibly. I definitely question God giving me a child with special needs, most days I don't feel cut out for it. But, I say with assurance that there's no one better for Nolan Levi than Brandon Levi. Quite frankly, when I share my fears and concerns with Brandon about Nolan, he's quick to remind me that "we can't think like that." He's the one to tell me how awesome Nolan is and how much joy he brings to him. He's full of kisses, admiration, love, compassion and affection...and it's clear Nolan feels the same.

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