Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Bedroom Remodel

The Sunday before Brandon went back to school from Christmas break, we had decided to paint our bedroom.  It's the one room in the house that has seen little to no upkeep or style.  I mean, come on, do mom and dad ever do anything for themselves?  Well, the plan quickly took a different route.  As Brandon removed the baseboards, we saw that there was about a one inch gap between the wall and the floor that was letting in a lot of cold air from under the house.  Our bedroom is in the very back of the house, along with our laundry room and a bathroom.  This part of the house once was a garage.  They did a very nice job, from the outside, making it look not like a garage, however, they didn't do the best job from the inside.  Then, in the southest corner of the room, where the baseboard had been removed, we noticed some mold.  Ack!  Since it was Sunday, we were a little stuck with what to do next.  We called a contractor the next day, the same man who had done the inspection on our house when we purchased it.  He came on Tuesday and spent 2 hours here talking through things with Brandon and explaining to him how he would complete the job.  Several good things came from this visit.  Dan, checked out our crawl space and attic for us and confirmed that we do NOT have a moisture problem.  Whatever mold we had was from a previous issue that had been fixed.  He told us our house was a nice, well built, quilty home and in great shape.  He also explained that most homes have mold somewhere, it is not an issue until it becomes airborne.  Whew.  What a relief.  We went from what we thought to be a $2-5 thousand job to repair structural issues to about a $300 job to repair the wall and paint the bedroom.  Thank you Lord!   So, after Dan's visit, the chaos began.

The lower right corner of this picture was where the problem began.  In  order to keep the drywall seamless and also to cover up that nasty "old school" block window, we decided to take out the whole wall.

 Let the demolition begin.

After several days of demolition and clean up, we were ready for insulation.

Ahhhh insulation :)

Once the insulation was in, Brandon's dad came down to help him hang drywall.  The next few days consisted of 3 rounds of mud and lots of yucky sanding.  Then it was time to primer and paint.  Brandon made the good decision to go ahead and paint our ceiling and ceiling fan while the room was already a mess.  One full week from the time the demolition began, we were ready to paint.

This is where great admiration and thankfulness for the hubs comes in.  During this project he worked his normal school schedule, his 2 nights a week at Lenscrafters, and still attended Aubrey's basketball games.  Any moment he was home he was in that bedroom.  He worked really hard and did such an awesome job.  Thanks Brandon!

This is where it gets really exciting folks...

OUR NEW BEDROOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have to also share some of the deals we got.  I found this comforter set this past summer at Bed Bath and Beyond.  It was $150 at the time, and I just couldn't even think about spending that much on a comforter.  So, after Christmas, Brandon took me back to see if they still had it.  It was marked down to $99 AND I had a 20% off coupon.  So, I got the comforter, sheets, 2 decorative pillows, bedskirt, 2 euro shams, and 2 decorative shams for $80.  We hadn't purchased a comforter in 6 years.  I figure if we keep this for another 6 years, we paid $13 a year.  Not too shabby.  We've also never had curtains, but, I found all 4 panels and the rod on clearance.  For a 104 inch window, I got all of it for $65.  I also got the navy lamp shades on clearance for $4.99 each.  How pumped was I?  Pretty pumped.

Anyway, I love going into that room now.  It's cozy and pretty.  It's been so nice to be sleeping in our bed after 11 nights on the couches.  What a crazy couple of weeks.  However, the crazy keeps us on our toes :)


Melissa said...

Looks great Megan!

Beth Wilson said...

Wow! It looks beautiful!