Wednesday, February 15, 2012

We have a need

This is an extremely boring blog post, however, I felt as if this might be the best way to get the word out to the masses.  Brandon will be coaching Varsity baseball at Bethesda Christian School this spring.  We also own a mowing business that gets busy right around the same time that Brandon will get really busy with baseball games.  We have hired a very responsible teen to cover the mowing business for Brandon so that he can focus on baseball.  The Lord was extremely gracious in providing this answer to prayer.  Brandon will be traveling a half hour north to Brownsburg from our home here in Plainfield 5 days a week after school.  During baseball season, we would like to be able to leave our truck here at our home after school so that our teen can come and get it and do the mowing.  This means we are in need of another vehicle to get Brandon to and from Brownsburg during baseball season.  We have considered purchasing something, but, it currently seems silly since we will only need the vehicle for 7-8 weeks.  Also, our desire would be to eventually purchase another truck for Brandon that all 5 of us can fit in (our current truck only seats 3, which makes things a little tricky when the van isn't available), while leaving our current truck for the mowing business.  Trying to be good stewards however, we would like to have our van paid off before another vehicle purchase.

So, why am I blogging about this?  Well, if you know a family who has a college student who is away and their car is sitting, would you mention this to them?  Do you know an elderly person who can't drive anymore, but, they have a car that is sitting (my grandpa did before he passed)?  Or any other situation where a person might be willing to "loan" a vehicle for 7-8 weeks, would you mind passing this along?

We are not specific in taste.  We care nothing about what the vehicle looks like, how old it is, what color, etc.  We would prefer something with good gas mileage.

We've prayed at length about this, and will continue to do so. The Lord provided clear open doors, that led to us being in this situation and we know he will continue to provide.

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