Wednesday, August 1, 2012

When your strength runs out

About a month ago, our pastor asked Brandon and I if we would be willing to share our story about Nolan during a Sunday service.  He'd been going through Isaiah 40, preaching on what to do with suffering..."Looking Upward to go Onward."  As I checked the calendar to make sure we would be around that Sunday, I realized Brandon would still be in the Dominican Republic.  I prayed about it, and felt that the Lord must be orchestrating this opportunity, even though Brandon couldn't be present.  So, I agreed.

I am a very wordy and chatty person, but, being in front of a group is not my calling.  I'm much more comfortable hiding behind a computer screen;)  The thought of speaking in front of a congregation about something so personal and emotional was not something I took lightly.  It was way out of my comfort zone (especially since Brandon wasn't going to be there), and not something I ever hope to do again, but, I know that the Lord must have wanted me to do it.

It was an amazing and powerful sermon series, and I hope maybe those that are reading this will go back and listen to all of them.

A dear friend, Jason, who has early onset Parkinson's disease, also shared his testimony.   What an encouragement and inspiration from the Lord he is.  We're so grateful to call his family our friends.

This audio recording has Pastor Curt's brief message, our testimony, and then Jason's.  I promise you'll be blessed by these 2 amazing men.!/swx/pp/media_archives/110193/episode/32979?play=1

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Sheri E. said...

What a beautiful testimony! Your words are very inspiring. I have often felt that we have been given this journey through WS with our children so that we can help strengthen others in trials. Yes, it is very hard some days, but my life has been made much better and I've drawn much closer to God through it. I hope many people were uplifted by your words. They certainly built me up. What a great start to my day!