Monday, March 3, 2008

Since we have moved to Plainfield, a lot has happened. We actually moved twice between October 2oth and December 1st. We celebrated Adelynne's 1st birthday. Made it through the Christmas season...and we were even sick for about 3 weeks between all 4 of us. We have now been into our house for about 3 months now and are feeling more and more settled each day. Each weekend we spend time doing small little projects trying to get the house more efficient as baby boy will be making his debut in June. We spend time down at the Plainfield aquatic center swimming, making lots of trips to the library and most recently, Brandon and Aubrey found their Saturday morning spot at Al's donuts downtown. We have been attending a church in Danville for about 2 months now (on and off because of illness) and are enjoying meeting people and being pushed out of our comfort zones:)

Our house is about 1400 square feet with wood floors, which I have always wanted, but am now regretting a little as they are sooooo hard to keep clean. We have successfully managed to get all things "girl" into one room, and now we have a completely empty room that will be for baby boy. Over the last 2 weekends, Brandon has gutted 2 closets and installed organizers. It is amazing how handy he is and how much better things work when they are organized. I just try to keep things clean and running relatively smooth...if that's possible. I think our next obstacle will be organizing the garage. We have a very small 1 car garage that is FULL of stuff that needs to be pitched, stored or sold. Once that is done, we will be able to concentrate on the baby's room.

Brandon really loves his job, for which I am so very grateful. He plans to work over the summer somewhere and then will plan on coaching golf again this fall. I continue to be stretched each day raising the girls. Things have gotten better in recent weeks as I am tying to get involved in some ladies ministries at church and have also met some other moms.

Aubrey is 3 and amazes me each day with her wit and intelligence. She is very funny by making faces, telling silly jokes and she makes her sister laugh all the time. She is also very intuitive and is always thinking. In the car the other night, she says, "What does Israel mean?" I don't think I have ever talked to her about Israel, she must have heard it at church and wanted to talk about it again at that moment. She is very frustrating at times, but overall is a very good girl.

Our Adelynne, who we call, "moyer the destroyer," is a handful. We catch her sitting on her dresser, standing on the kitchen table, in the toilet, I could go on and on. She is always looking for something to get in to. She has mastered telling me, "no." That child has fallen more and bonked her head more than any other kid I know. She keeps things fun and exciting around here and definitely keeps me on my toes.

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Laura said...

Yeah, I'm glad you have a's really nice to keep up your everyone's lives this way. Btw, thanks for the other night; Phil and I loved hanging out!