Monday, March 3, 2008


I got this idea from a couple of friends who blog periodically. Since we have moved to Plainfield, we are emailed and phoned a lot wanting updates. I have a hard time keeping everyone in the "loop," so I thought it would try my hand at this. We will see how I do at keeping up. :)


JHV said...

Great idea Megan. I use blogs with some of my classes but this is a very fun way to blog. Thanks for all the cute pictures.

jabrooke said...

Hey, Megan. Great family picture. It was fun to hear about your trip to the Children's Museum. We love that place. You know you have some cute girls! Can't wait to see what that boy looks like.

Ellen said...

This is great Megan! You really have a gift of writing your thoughts and describing people and events in a clear and fun way! Great job on all the closet organizing Brandon! Closets look great!
We love you and miss you and are looking forward to seeing you Sunday. Love, mom