Friday, September 12, 2008

My "little big" girl

Well, Adelynne has been naked all week. Why you ask? Because we have been potty training! I've asked myself why I decided to do this with a 3 month old who doesn't sleep through the night and who's nighttime routine is SO unpredictable, and then I realize... I am tired of changing 2 sets of diapers! :) Along with that she's been asking, trying to pull her diaper off, etc, etc. She's actually doing really well. She goes a very long time being dry and we only had one accident yesterday! We took Aubrey to preschool, walked home, went to McDonald's to pick up lunch, ate with daddy at school, drove home, and walked to and from preschool again to pick up Aubrey...and she was dry the whole time! Woohoo! We have the potty seat in the middle of the living room floor so she can just go and sit whenever she feels the "urge." We've found, while it's hard and requires A LOT of patience, that it's easier and less confusing for her to just devote an entire week to potty training...cold turkey. She wears a diaper at nap and bedtime... that's it. With Aubrey, the minute we put a diaper or pull-up on her...she peed. So, with that, she's just been naked all week (we put undies and pants on her if we leave the house:) Way to go Adie! 2 down, 1 more to go! :)

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Laura said...

Yeah Addie :) (I don't know how you spell her nickname). Yeah Megan and Brandon! :)