Friday, November 7, 2008

What are we gonna do with her? Part 2

Well, for those of you who are aware of the Vaseline story (if you're not, see blog post below), boy have I got one even better. I caught her this morning with...are you ready...VICKS!!!!!!!! It was all over her hands, cheeks and feet. I didn't get a picture because I was afraid of what that much vicks in weird places would do to her skin. She looked at me, pleased, and said, "roshun." (That's lotion by the way!) Then she said, "a hot." No, really? Anyway, she's all cleaned up and seems to be fine. Hopefully I can get the house opened up as it gets warmer today since my house smells like VICKS vaporub, yuck!

She is for sale! Any takers? (I'm kidding by the way, the sick thing is...I'd miss her messes:)

1 comment:

Naomi said...

I'll take her:) She is too stinkin' cute. Trinity has always had a thing for getting into the lotion. Gotta love this age:)