Saturday, March 14, 2009

Oh Aubrey!

When I get home from grocery shopping, you'd think it was Christmas at our house. The girls love rummaging through the bags. Adelynne always shouts, "LOOK MOM!!!," as if I was unaware that I had purchased something she'd found to be so amazing. It's cute really. Well, Aubrey came upon a bag full of toiletries last night as we put away groceries. I asked her if she could go and put them in her bathroom and she agreed. She came back about 5 minutes later all excited and saying, "mommy, come see my castle!" I followed her into her bathroom and this is what I found.

Aubrey never does anything that would be considered "typical." I mean, if I were to ask you to put these items in a bathroom, would you build a castle? :) She was so proud and pleased with herself. Brandon and I got a good laugh.


Amber said...

What a cutie! She's so creative! :)

Melissa said...

She should get a job working on store displays.