Wednesday, April 22, 2009

We are home from Riley. Nolan did great considering missing a nap and a feeding. I'll have more to report once I am able to process it all. We need a follow up with the surgeon once we've meet with 2 other specialists...we should know more then. The sutures that they suspected were fused are not fused, but because they aren't, it leads to more questions as to why his head is the shape and size that it is, as well as questions with what is causing his delay. Originally, we didn't want them to be fused, but if they had been fused, all this other stuff would make more sense.

As Brandon told me in the office, "Whatever God's plan and purpose for Nolan is, this waiting and not knowing is just part of it." Thanks to all who have been praying. We've felt your prayers, and we would just ask that you continue.


Laura said...

We're praying and thinking about you guys daily! We love you

Tyler and Whitney said...

Still praying here too... you are never very far from my thoughts! :) Love you guys.

Kit*Grace said...

Prayin' for you guys!!