Monday, August 24, 2009

Movie Night!

Just one of the benefits to having a daddy who's a technology teacher/junkie, is Movie Night. Not just any old movie night, but rather, your choice of movie on a big screen, yummy snacks, cuddly company, you can watch it in your jammies, clean bathrooms (well, maybe that's debatable), and it's right in your very dinning room. We've decided...there may not be anything better:) It's been a hit with the girls so loves saving the money and dad is thrilled to have provided such an experience.
Anyone care to join us?


Melissa said...

That looks like a whole lot of fun!

Anonymous said...

MAN!!! I thought we were the only ones that do that!!!! :-) Girls ask to do it all the time!!! Since school has started back we do movie night either Friday or Saturday nights. OR, maybe a Mommie/Callie and Daddie/Lauren movie night!!! They really like those too!! :-)