Saturday, August 8, 2009


Tonight I find my heart heavy about Nolan's surgery. Up until now, it's seemed so far away...September 10th that is...but now as I am forced into the reality of getting things ready, I now know it's only 4 short weeks away. Brandon and I went on Friday to have our blood typed to see if we are a match for Nolan, as it is almost guaranteed they will need to give him blood during the surgery. I would give anything for that little boy, but, I'd be lying if I said I weren't secretly hoping that Brandon is the match:)

Specifically, I am praying for the following:
1. That one of us is a match.
2. That God's is preparing the hands of the neuro and plastic surgeons.
3. That ultimately, God would protect Nolan during the surgery and that he would recover quickly.

This week, I had the blessing of hanging out with a new, very dear friend. How I met her is an entire blog post in itself, but let's just say that we've both agreed that it was orchestrated by God. She too has a little boy with special needs. In the last few months, God has given me a whole new perspective in life...indescribable really. She and I see so similarly how very minuscule some things seem now, but at the same time being so appreciative of small victories. For example, Aubrey's latest is that every thing's not fair to her. I ask, Do you have a warm bed to sleep in every night? Do you always have something to eat when you are hungry? Do you have a mommy and daddy who love you? Does Jesus love you, and did he die for you? Of course the answer to all these questions is, YES! I ask her these questions because I really want her to understand that she has a wonderful life. Sometimes I want to holler at her, "No Aubrey, Nolan's life isn't fair!" For many reason's I don't, but mainly because anything in life we are handed is fair. Was Christ's journey to the cross fair? Nolan's life is fair because it's the life the Lord has given him. It's the life that makes him the little boy who always smiles and is always happy. How can I argue with that...he's always happy...amazing! Perspective...changed. I have food, shelter, 3 b e a u t i f u l children, a Godly husband, and a Christ who died for me. What more do I need? We took a 3 miles bike ride the other night and about mid way through we stopped to look and sit at a lake. I was sitting next to Nolan while he chewed on a stick (sorry mom, I know you hate that), while Brandon and the girls were down by the water. I caught myself slightly overcome with emotion saying, "Thank you God for my family, these kids are a blessing, man they're great, thank you, thank you God." Perspective...

And like that, peace about Nolan's surgery has arrived and I'm going to rest in that.


Melissa said...

Thank you for sharing Megan. I will continue to pray as the date approaches.

I love the new pic on your blog. What a beautiful family!

The McClain's said...

thank you for this today...hope to get to see you...if not, know I will continue to pray for your family...the new picture is wonderful!

Wani said...

I can't tell you how much I appreciate having someone who really understands what we're going through with Lil Joe. Our boys are so precious and while they have brought and will continue to bring unexpected challenges into our lives they also bring unexpected blessings and joy. I went back and was looking at some of my older posts about Joe and looking at how far he has come was helpful to me today, to be reminded of the progress that he's made. Its not like "normal" kids, but its progress and thats good. God is at work in Joe and in me through all this. Lord knows He's still got alot of work to do on me!! Thank you for your encouragement and friendship.