Sunday, September 13, 2009

Our first set back

Nolan continues to do well. He's eating more and more and still drinking well. He's not sleeping all that great because he's uncomfortable. He kept flipping over onto his belly last night because he's typically a belly sleeper, but because of that, his head wasn't propped and his swelling hasn't gotten any better. He still can't open his eyes yet and we can tell he's frustrated. The earliest we'll go home now is tomorrow.

If you have a weak stomach, don't go any further.


This is a shot of the right side of his head.
This is the top of this head.


sue said...

What an adorable little head... actually I think his incision looks good!
We hope and pray that as each day comes...along with the highs and lows... that you continue to see Nolan improve and that you also are feeling God's sustaining grace! We love ya!!!

JHV said...

Sorry for the setback - I can certainly understand his need to sleep on his tummy though. Perhaps they can angle the bed to accomodate him. The surgical site looks wonderful and the movement in it will allow his head and skin to grow quite normally. He'll be a little boy with a longer haircut and no one will see it anyway. If he takes up golf - he'll always have a cap on his head anyway to protect his fair skin.
We continue our prayers for Nolan, for you and the 2 girls and his big extended family. I am so happy with "so far --so good". It is all quite a blessing. God Bless all! Jeanne

Diana Lower said...

It doesn't look nearly as bad as I thought it would! He looks great to me! Praise God! Give him kisses for me!

leannagottshall said...

Megan--Nolan's head looks beautiful. I was expecting to see lots worse. But he looks amazing. Now he will have this cool scar to show off at school, and to the ladies ;)

Wani said...

I hope Nolan is doing well enough for you all to go home today. Let me know if you want me to have the girls over for a playdate sometime so you and Nolan can have some peace and quiet at home. And keep me posted on the meal thing. I'd be happy to bring something if you're not already swamped with food.

Tyler and Whitney said...

Wow, his incision looks great... the whole thing just amazes me. I tried to call your cell yesterday, but couldn't get through, so ended up calling your house and having a great talk with Scott. Praying hard that you'll be able to go home today... and that the Lord will sustain you until then. Hang in there, friend. Love you!