Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Back to square one

Nolan and I made the trip to Riley last Tuesday to meet with Dr. Neely, Nolan's eye doctor. Dr. Neely was a little discouraged that Nolan's eyes seem to be starting to cross again. He thought they still looked better than before his January eye muscle surgery, but still not totally pleased with the result. So, back to square one...glasses. ugh! We bought him another pair of glasses as his first pair are now too small post cranial reconstruction last September. Nolan absolutely hates them...and I mean hate. Most times I can't even get them on him, as he's pulling them off as I'm putting them on. I think I put them back on him 12 times in a half hour yesterday morning. If we can't get Nolan to keep his glasses on, our second option, again, will be the surgery...again...I'm sorry, did I mention again?

Ok, so enough of the formal medical updates. Nolan is walking about 50% of the time and looking more and more comfortable with it. He's also signing a lot. He knows, drink, more, please, all done, eat, night night, clean-up, play, go, but his favorite is "No." :) My little easy going boy has developed a two-year old personality with tantrums, fits, and hitting. I think most parents would stress about this, but, as his physical therapist says, "Hey, it's developmentally appropriate for his age," and for that we are thankful.


Anonymous said...

can't believe he's almost 2...he's growing up so fast!

Wani said...

wow - I didn't realize Nolan was signing so much! Thats great. Hope he adjusts to the glasses. I know surgery is not the preferred option.