Thursday, May 13, 2010

Williams Syndrome Awareness Week

When Brandon and I started our family almost 6 years ago, having a sick child or one with special needs never once entered my mind as a possibility. That was something that happened to other people. But, here were are with our family complete, with 1 of our children being special needs...ugh, I cringe at that term, but, the reality is...that is our reality. I've joined the Williams Syndrome Association on facebook and was alerted to the fact that this week is Williams Syndrome Awareness week. I have no idea who reads this blog (or that anyone even does), but I want to encourage anyone reading this to become familiar with Williams syndrome and other special needs. I feel now more that ever since it affects our family directly, it is so very important to become aware of special needs children and how it affects their loved ones. I would encourage you also to become familiar with WS if you know and love Nolan so that you can pray for the physical issues and surgery possibilities, and most importantly so that you can rejoice in the progress he makes due to his working so hard. WS is not what defines Nolan, but, he is a child with Williams, and how great it would be if all who know and love him were familiar with his condition.

If it would have been my choice, I would have given birth to a Nolan without WS, but, that was not what God had planned or intended for our family. So, on this week of becoming aware of WS, I'm also going to celebrate it, because I don't know what Nolan would be like without it...and quite frankly, I love that kid and couldn't imagine him any other way.


Anonymous said...

Hey Meg, where is a good place to read about WS?

Megan Paschal said...

You can google WS. I believe the main sight is Williams Syndrome Association.

Cindy Gangwer said...

Way back when you first blogged about Nolan's illness I web searched Williams Syndrome. After I read a while my thought was this "so much to deal with, what will he be like when he's older, etc. etc." Then it hit me . . . there's so much that he WILL be able to do :) And proof positive - he's walking, signing, having tantrums, responding to treatments, bringing joy to your family and so many others of us who are watching him grow on your blog. What a blessing!!! I've known several children who have done nothing but lay in their beds for their whole lives. Nolan's life is so much fuller than theirs is. And the there is the possibility that the next medical breakthrough will be for Williams Syndrome. God is awesome. God loves you Megan. I'm so proud of you!!!!