Thursday, April 28, 2011

To the girls

Dear Aubrey and sweet little girls, born into an intentional, heavenly birth order.

There will come a day where you come to the realization that Nolan is different, that he was born with Williams syndrome.  Daddy and I talk about it in front of you, but, neither of you has ever asked what it is.  Matter fact, right now, we're planning Nolan's Walk for Williams, and no one's ever said, why?, what is it?, why does Nolan "have" it?  For many reasons I'm extremely thankful.  Neither of you look at Nolan as if he's a nuisance (unless he's pulling your hair:), or see his's's's every parents dream for their children to love each other. And, the two of you love with such an unconditional accepting love...a love that's heaven sent.  It makes your mother proud and my prayer is that it is always that way.

Mommy's fear is that your awakening will come with a crashing reality because a child (or even adult) will make a comment about Nolan's overfriendlyness, or because his face is different, or because he talks "funny."  Girls, unless something like this has happened to someone else, they can't understand.  And it's ok.  It really is.  You two are so special...God picked YOU!  He picked you to be Nolan's sisters.  You may never fully understand the privilege and honor it is that God picked you.  He knew you both were exactly what Nolan needed not just now, but for the rest of his life, for your life.  You are not only his sisters, you're his friends, the ones who love him without question, his defenders and protectors, his advocates...and your heavenly father knew that no other two girls were better for the job at showing the love of Jesus through your care for him and loving others when their approach with Nolan might be hurtful.

Along with this special gift we've been given will also come some sadness...sadness for Nolan, for our family as he'll have a long and sometimes heavy road in this life.  If there is anything mommy has learned this far is that it's ok to be sad...because in that sadness God can reveal Himself.  Jesus has already felt all the emotions that you'll feel, he understands it, he'll cry with you and rejoice with you.  Embrace the good and the bad times.  He'll always be present.

“I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.”  John 16:33

Our purpose in this life is to live for Jesus.  You've been given a hefty love and care without question.  But, we do this because Jesus overcame the world...we've not been promised an easy life, but we have been promised heaven. 



Lindsay and Troy said...

So sweet, Megan!

mama to j and bean said...

This is a really touching post. It's amazing to watch the love an patience that "typical" siblings demonstrate for their brothers/sisters. Thank you for sharing :)

Wani said...

Your girls are really precious. They do love Nolan like none other. I appreciate being able to see you family as it continues to function through the challenges that you've faced. Thanks for sharing all that you do.

Anonymous said...

so sweet and true, Megan. You're a great mommy!

Kit*Grace said...

This is beautiful!! You share your heart so beautifully.