Thursday, March 20, 2008

Just an update...

Not much new here to report for the Paschals. The girls and I have been stuck indoors all week, due in large part to all the rain, but also because our Acura Legend has "kicked the bucket." We blew a head gasket that would have cost us $2500 to fix when the car isn't even worth that much. So, we are currently keeping our eyes out for a cheap truck that we can pay cash for. In the mean time, the girls and I are stuck at home without a car. Ugh!

Brandon sent Aubrey and I to the movies last night, as he could tell that we both had cabin fever. We saw Horton Hears a Who, and it was great. Aubrey and I were 2 of the 4 people in the theater and she loved it! I don't think she blinked or moved once while we were there. For those of you who know her well, you know that is a big deal for her!, and thus, the movie must have been awesome;)

There is a sweet girl, Sarah, that Brandon works with at Lenscrafers who takes pictures on the side. We solicited her skills to take some pictures of the girls and then also some pictures with our niece, Autumn and our newphew, Blake. By the request of Aunt Pam (so that she can print them) I am attaching them below.


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Whitney said...

Oh those sweet girls! When was it warm enough for these pictures though?! Makes me long for Spring even more - or Friday's playdate - either one! :) Love, Whit