Monday, December 20, 2010

Eight is great!

So many things this time of year make me giddy. Right near the top of the list is my hubby.  This wonderful man, made my life 8 years ago when he married me, a 60 degree day on December 21st, with snow all over the ground (weird, I know).  Me...Megan Lynne Mosson, now Paschal...I'm not sure how I got so lucky.  I don't, but God does, and I often don't feel like I deserve Brandon, but, I'm so thankful the Lord hand picked him for me.  It's been 8 wonderful years.  When I say wonderful, I mean wonderful.  I mean, we've had our moments, and we've definitely had our fair share of hard times, but, I know that without this best friend, life partner, better half and comrade, I would never have made it.  He makes me smile... I can't sleep without him...he makes me better...I love him, I just do.  Happy 8 years Mr. Paschal!  I look forward to each year that will come.  Bring it!

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Diana Lower said...

So sweet! Love hearing a wife or husband say such nice things about their spouse. Sounds like you guys are still just as in love as you were 8 years ago. I hope you grow closer and more in love every year! Congrats!
Love you both,
Aunt Diane